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Celestial Nomad
-November 10, 2013

A nomad planet
dislodged from its mother star.
Drifting in darkness
wandering in the vacuum of space.
No light to call its own.
No warmth to snug its terrain.
Frozen for all eternity.
Dreaming of finding a home
somewhere in the universe.
However does that mean
disrupting an orbit
and sending another planet to its demise?
Or will it find an empty system of a dying star
and they’ll both expire together in time.
Frozen within its surface is life in pause,
microbes in wait?
Or did life once flourished
and ancient cities stand still
and fossils hidden within its soil?
Where does it belong?
Is it nowhere?
Or simply in the universe,
drifting to its thoughts, its beats,
its memories, its dreams.

Celestial Nomad