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If the Music Never Stop
-December 21, 2013

The tempo dwells in the heart,
the music flows through the veins.
Lifting your weight above the ground,
drifting in the air as if floating in a pool.
Close your eyes and see the light
through your eyelids. Everything that was
is no more or at least forgotten for the time being.
No longer bound to ground, no longer tied down.
You’ll find yourself floating to heaven
without the need of angel’s wings.

The tempo and rhythm chimes up your spine,
giving you chills but warms your bones.
You feel tingling in your spirit as the music
flows into your soul. You have forgotten about yesterday
and you don’t care about tomorrow. For a moment
your goals are an alternate reality, where your dreams and daily living is in-
distinguishable. Nightmares don’t exist
and the wind doesn’t burn your skin.

At least for this brief moment in your life
where timelines intersect
and wars never occur and famines are avoided.
But that’s just a dream.
But you wouldn’t mind sleeping in this morning.
If only the music never stop playing.

If the Music Never Stop