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A Laugh in Shade
-Spring 2006

I waited for the meaning,
stood under that same tree with the same two people.
I watch only as a bystander,
picking up the pieces,
and try to put one piece with another
until I could figure out the picture,
I have in front of me.
No, wait.
I’ll listen to all it has to say,
but I’m only hearing bits
and story isn’t coming out clearly enough.
Confused and falling behind in a daze,
I’m losing the transmission, and I can’t catch the signals.
The air seems as if it’s static like a snowstorm.
I can’t see what’s in front of me
and all I hear is blasting wind.
Running up to the television, banging it on its sides,
but the real problem is the cable plug.
What am I doing here?
I’m wasting my time.
But like a simple lift of a switch,
the lights turn on and I enjoy a laugh
with my two friends and the comfort of the shade.
I believe I caught the signal
I was looking for.

A Laugh in Shade