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Photosynthesis, Metamorphosis (from the Oblivion series)
-June 21, 2013

I hold my arm up towards the sky
as I’m staring at the sun. My fingers become
branches and they begin to bear leaves
as I try to capture your warmth. My body
grows as it turns into a trunk. Twisting
in length, I become distorted
by the heavy winds, yet I continue
to grow towards your shine.

Will I be able to continue holding
my own weight? Will I snap and come
crashing to the ground? Is it possible,
I will bloom in the spring and be capable
of nourishing the life around me?
Will I be saddened by autumn
when I begin losing my leaves
or will I simply fall asleep?

My feet begin to dig into the ground
becoming roots, searching for nourishment
meanwhile keeping my bearings. By evening
I have quadrupled in size, waiting for the new
morning to arise and so I can continue on my path
attempting to reach the sun.

Photosynthesis, Metamorphosis (from Oblivion)