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This Fleeting Moment (from Our Dreams…an Endless Summer)
-August 12, 2015/March 18, 2016

Had it only been a fleeting moment
that I try to hold on to, a time,
which I can now only reminisce? Or does it still
dwell within me, waiting to be reawaken
like a dormant tree being touch
by the first vernal rays of spring.

I try to grasp hold and find meaning
within these perplexing circumstances.
My days seem to amount higher
each waking hour, building up delicately like blocks
place atop the other. I’m afraid
I mayn’t have the balance or strength to keep these days
from tumbling down. Or isn’t that what I truly wanted?
To see this misshapen structure, come crumbling down
and I will stand anew over all this rubble.

A new being, I’m no longer the person I was
or rather I have grown beyond that state.
But I still have my loves and experiences within me
and I’m the person that time has molded me.
I’m no longer afraid as I stand in the midst
of the settling dust. I’m no longer the child
I once was. My eyes have aged
and my mind has expanded. I’ll hold on
to these moments, but I’ll continue to grow
like a winter tree being touch by the first rays
of spring. This fleeting moment will bloom
and will soon bear fruits so luscious.

This Fleeting Moment (from Our Dreams...an Endless Summer)