• Oblivion Re-release News


    A few years ago in 2016, I briefly released a book for my writing/photography series, Oblivion. I reedited the book into two volumes and will be rereleased this year, starting with Oblivion: Volume One next month on April 12th and Volume Two later this year in September. Each volume is 70 pages long with photographs and text by me. I have 20 new poems waiting in the wing for a future poetry series, but first thing first, I have to release my Oblivion series, a photography series that was seeded back in 2010 but begin to take root and sprout in 2012, and continued on through 2015. My the writings for Oblivion began in 2013, with a few poems A Sleeping Tiger and My Ghost actually written in 2012 and 2011, respectively.

    Writing Contents are

    Volume One

    A Journey into Oblivion
    Misty Eyes
    The Boy Who Drowned in the Clouds
    A Sketch
    The Divides
    Photosynthesis, Metamorphosis
    Dandelions & Lilies
    A Sleeping Tiger
    What Are You Now?
    Forcing a Will
    The Missing Light
    A Journey from Oblivion

    Volume Two

    Artist Statement
    My Ghost
    A Passing Note
    When the Desert Blooms
    Ambience Drifting By
    Fragments (I Stand at the Edge)

    In other news, be sure to check out my new photography series entitled Bosque now up on the website.

    Take Care,

    March 17, 2019